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Barbara Szeliga / fot. Mikołaj Starzyński

Barbara Szeliga

Barbara Szeliga graduated from the Acting School in the Jewish Theater in Warsaw. In 1988, she passed an external exam at ZASP. Since then, she has been a successful actress in the Jewish Theater. Her most outstanding roles created by her so far are the following: Basia in “Between day and night. The Dybbuk,” Stera in “A ballad about wedding vail,” Ciotka Basia in “A matchmaker in green scarf,” Szejndł in “Fiddler on the roof,” Wiedźma Doboszowa in “A Dreadful inn.” During her cooperation with the TV Theater, she appeared in “The Townhouse at Nalewki Street” and “The song of the murdered Jewish people.” 

Since 2000, Barbara Szeliga has worked as an assistant director on many occasions, in “The Townhouse at Nalewki Street,” directed by Gołda Tencer, “Monish, i.e. a satan tricked into ararat,” directed by Jan Różewicz, “The Townhouse at Nalewki Street,” directed by Gołda Tencer, “Live, not die!” directed by Szymon Szurmiej, “A Dreadful inn” by Jan Szurmiej, “Bonjour Monsieur Chagall,” directed by Szymon Szurmiej and Gołda Tencer. 

In 2009, Barbara Szeliga received the Medal of Merits for Polish Culture.